The Rainforest

Taelor Allen


The Rainforest is full of amazing plants and creatures that can only be found in the the great rainforest. There are many different rainforest, but most of them are found very close to the equator. Such as Brazil, Brazil has a great rainforest, it actually is one third of the worlds tropical rainforest. Alot of the other tropical rainforest are located in southwest Asia, the Pacific area, and West Africa.

What is a Rainforest?

A rainforest a very beautiful place filled with many thick and lush trees and plants. The rainforest has lots of different plants and animals that aren't even located anywhere else but the rainforest. Some of these plants and animals are the bambusa tulda which is a plant usually found in the Southeast Asian rainforest. There are many animals too like the tiger, elephants, toucans and many others too.

Weather and climate

Rainforest stay humid and hot all the time and rarely ever change they also rain all day too that's why this hot and wet area has so many plants because the plants have the perfect amount of rain so they never get thirsty and just enough sunlight to make them bloom and turn out beautiful. Just to warn you though, you might want to bring a cooler and some water if you ever think about going to visit a rainforest.


In most rainforest temperatures on a daily basis range up to about 25 degrease Celsius. For me to live in the rainforest it would suck, because I don't know about you, but I like to have a little variety every once in a while. Cause in the rainforest rarely ever a seasonal change, it's just the same old same old temperature every day. It's all hot and humid and stays like that all year long.


The rainforest pretty much only rains. If you didn't think that it rained then you must be dumb, because think about it it's called the RAINforest! Ding ding ding ring any bells? The reason why it never rains is because its never cold enough to snow, sleet, or hail. You wanna know why it's not hot enough. Well refer back to the first section of this page........... It says: There are many different rainforest, but most of them are found near the EQUATOR. So there's your answer, there so close to the equator that its hot all the time.


Rainforest sure aren't going to be the flattest land you've ever been on. Rainforest have many hills that you can't really notice unless its a huge rainforest like the picture to the right. Rainforest are the probably the most bushiest place you'll ever see. There are many layers of these thick bushes which are the emergent layer, the canopy layer, and the understory layer. The reason why there are so many plants and huge trees is because of the environment. The soil is perfect rich and moist because of the precipitation that it gets daily which helps the plants to grow tall and strong with out having to use miracle grow.


I love the rain forest so much because one of my favorite animals lives there, can you guess what it is? A monkey! One of these cute monkeys is called an Orangutan. Orangutans live in the tree tops of the rainforest. The word "orangutan" means man of the forest. The reason why it is called this is because its the bigggest tree dwelling ape of Asia. That's pretty cool. The next animal is called a Toco Tocan. This Tocan is the largest of all the Tocans. It's beak is very large and its feet are very strong. This bird eats grape vines and other fruits from the rainforest. Another one of our furry friends is the Bengal Tiger. This tiger is very muscular and strong. It's also very fast too, so that it can catch its daily meal. The animal that I'm about to talk about is probably one of the slowest animals in the rainforest. It's called the linn's Sloth. This sloth is white and black. Kind of similar to a ratcoon except sloths hand from trees upside down and probably don't did in trash cans. The last animal is sadly so ugly that its cute! It's called the Slender Loris. This animal has huge bug eyes and usually prefers a thick and thorny home so that it can escape from huge predators, and because its so tiny it can fit through that type of home without getting hurt.


The rainforest I'd full of many plants one of them is called the Bengal bamboo. This plant looks like pointy slicks and does very good in wet and damp climates. The next plant a dwarf palm tree. This palm tree looks very similar to a beach palm tree except they grow a little bit taller and its palm leaves are much shorter. Next we have strangler figs, Dunn Dunn Dunn........ Just kidding! This plant is only called a strangler fig because it hugs tightly against the closest tree next to it. The tree grows a delicious snack that monkeys, Tocans, fruit eating bats, and many other animals. This next plant is very pretty, it almost looks like something you would want to put in your flower bed. Its called the Bougainvillea plant. This plant blooms very pretty flowers that are a magenta looking color. And on the inside of the magenta petal is another flower that is white and that is what're all of the pollen comes from. Tis plant I guess you could say looks like a deformed mushroom. It's not a mushroom though. It's actually a fruit that is called Jambu. This fruit is almost a peachy red color almost pink. They are very short and fat, but still bite size almost like a grape. These taste very sweet and juicy almost like poma granite or an apple.

Errors in the rainforest!

Humans are slowly destroying the rainforest all over the world. You may not notice it, but you probably use something from the rainforest every day. Like paper from the trees, or many other things that we use daily. That's why we should recycle and keep the world green!