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"Out of This World Rockets" Celebrate with Coty

On Thursday, March 12th, 20 "Out of This World Rockets" from East Lee and 50 "Top Performers" from Coty were celebrated with a pizza party, prizes and certificates. Coty presented each of our students with a special gift that included a variety of fragrances produced at Coty. Coty representative, Todasco Taylor, spoke to students, Coty employees and parents about the importance of hard work, a positive attitude, outstanding behavior and leadership. She encouraged "Out of This World Rockets" to make every minute count as they work towards their future and applauded them for being recognized for positive displays of good character and excelling in all areas. Congratulations to all of our "Out of This World Rockets" and "Thank You" to Coty for partnering with East Lee!

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Message from Ms. Judy Spivey at Tramway Elementary School to Ms. Flowers:

Thank you so much for bringing your band and orchestra students to perform for our students today! My students left the concert very excited about music and about coming to the middle schools!

You students sounded fantastic! I can tell they have worked very hard. It was very impressive to see so many students perform solos! You have a class full of wonderful leaders.

I was also impressed with their behavior and how they represented East Lee. You could see and hear the pride they have for their school as they talked with my students about middle school activities.

Thanks again for working us in to your busy schedule!


Mr. Baer and Ms. Mowrey attended the NCAGT conference in Winston-Salem last week along with 800 others from around North Carolina. This annual conference is for anyone who works with or parents a gifted and talented student. The focus this year was on the heart of the gifted: how do gifted students handle the emotional and social components of their special needs? How do parents and teachers best serve those needs? The highlight of the conference was the keynote speech by Dr. Joseph Renzulli, designer of the Renzulli checklist that is used in Lee County to help identify gifted students. "The purpose of gifted education is to increase the world's reservoir of productive, creative people," he stated. The challenge for educators is to "develop a culture of learning that challenges conventional wisdom." All parts of the brain must be activated as learning takes place. The conference provided over 50 workshops that targeted a variety of methods and understandings in teaching gifted students from kindergarten through high school.


Crystal Jastzabski has done a great job with providing our teachers with the SIOP initial and refresher training this year. Several teachers have completed their observation or coaching session with Crystal. SIOP professional development is an additional resource that can be used to serve our students. It allows the teachers to enhance the culture of learning and increase the student’s learning. Teachers are able to gain additional knowledge through SIOP training that can be used on a regular basis to enhance student learning. The SIOP strategies can be used for all students not just ELL students. Using SIOP strategies can increase student achievement, provide differentiated learning, and improve academic and language skills. Ongoing professional development keeps teachers up to date on the best practices and resources that are beneficial for students.
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This week the Supreme Science class participated in a virtual learning experience with The Discovery Center in Springfield Missouri ( http://www.discoverycenter.org/) using the Vidyo system in the media center. Vidyo is a HD video conferencing system purchased late last school year. Ms. Groh and Mrs. Groves facilitated the lesson with materials provided as the educator from the discovery center lead the lesson. This week students worked on Ecology Exploration and found connections in a food web and dissected an owl pellet. Next week students will dissect a cow's eye with the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum in Michigan (https://www.aahom.org/)
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The girls from Ms. Mowrey's STRIVE group visited the Westfield Rehabilitation and Health Center on St. Patrick's Day, bringing hot chocolate and smiles to the residents. They learned how to interact with people who have limited verbal ability and are confined to wheelchairs. The girls reported being nervous before they interacted with the residents. By the end of the visit, the group had grown so comfortable they wanted a return trip!
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The ELMS Project Unify Club joined the campaign to end the R-word also called, "Spread the Word to end the word". It is the goal of the club and the Special Olympics organization to let students know that when they use the word "retarded", they hurt people with learning disabilities. The members of the Project Unify Club talked to the East Lee Students during lunch to convince them to stop using the R word and to sign the banner pledging not to say the R word anymore.. Several students understood the message and pledged.


Faculty Meeting- March 23rd

West Lee Home Game- March 24th

Quarter Ends- March 25th

Fit Games Field Trip- March 25th

Mentor ELMS Meeting- March 26th

Achieve 3000 Science Training- March 26th

7th Grade Field Trip- March 27th