Killer Angels vs. Website

By Paris Mead


Both the book and the website are about the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War. Both the book and the website also talk about how General Robert E. Lee stayed loyal to Virginia. Both the book and website create a picture in your mind as you read.

Difference between Killer Angels and Website

In Killer Angels it shows three maps for the battle of Gettysburg. The book is based on the characters perspective. The book also has more detail. The book is based off the soldiers and generals perspective. Th e book gives more detail about how the soldiers and generals got ready for battle and how they felt.

Difference between Website and Killer Angels

The website has no maps of the battle for Gettysburg. The website is based on no ones perspective. The website has less information than the book. The website gives more detail about the battles and war the civil war itself.