A Christmas Carol

By:Mallery Downey

Stave 1 of A Christmas Carol

List of characters in stave 1:

Scrooge- Grumpy, hates Christmas, old

Bob Cratchit- Underpaid, poor, father

Scrooge's nephew-kind, cheerful, Scrooge's only living family member

Two men asking for money

Jacob Marley- Scrooge's past partner, dead, helper to Scrooge

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Stave 2

The first ghost was christmas past. The ghost wore a white robe, a head of flames and had a metal cap. The ghost first took Scrooge to his boarding school that he went to when he was a kid. He saw himself as a kid sitting alone in a room reading a book to himself. Next he takes Scrooge to Feeziwigs, his old boss, where they were having a party. Last place the ghost takes Scrooge it to be with his fiance that refused to marry him because he changed. He only cared about money and then he showed Scrooge her happy with another man. The ghost of christmas past took Scrooge to show Scrooge when he started to turn bad.

Stave 3

The second ghost was Christmas present. The ghost wore a green robe, a wreath of holly and a torch. Also, when he arrived at Scrooge's house he was with a big feast. The first place he takes him is to Bob Cratchit's house. Scrooge sees them having a dinner, but it wasn't a lot of food. Mrs. Cratchit says thanks to Scrooge but she says she still doesn't like him. The family talk and have a good time. The next places the ghost shows Scrooge is the lighthouse and the village. He was showing Scrooge everyones Christmas spirit. The last place is at Scrooge's nephews house were he is having a dinner party. They were playing party games and Scrooge even joined in. He got upset when they started making fun of him during one of the games. That's what the ghost of the christmas present showed him.
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Stave 4

The last ghost of the night was the ghost of Christmas future. The ghost was covered in a black garment and you couldn't see his face. He never talked to Scrooge he just pointed to tell him where and what they were doing. The first thing the ghost shows Scrooge is a group of men talking about a funeral and that it will probably be cheap. They weren't going to go unless there was food and that the others agreed to go. The next thing they see is the workers of Scrooge selling his things for money (Scrooge at the time didn't know he was the deadman). The ghost then takes Scrooge to a bedroom where laid a corpse and Scrooge wouldn't remove the sheet, so the ghost tried showing him something to figure it out. He showed Scrooge a couple that was happy that they didn't have to pay back money to Scrooge, but then was a little sad that he died. Scrooge still didn't know who is was. The ghost took him to the Crachit's house were Scrooge found out tiny Tim had died. The last place the ghost takes Scrooge is to the grave where he shows him that he was the deadman on the bed. This stave ends when Scrooge grabs the ghost's robe and he is in his room again. The ghost was showing him these things, so Scrooge will see what will happen to him and people if he doesn't change now.
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Stave 5

This is when Scrooge is back in his room and doesn't know if he has time to change all the things he did wrong. He asks a boy what day it is and he finds out it is Christmas day. He then realizes that he was sleeping the whole time. First thing he does is gave a boy money to go give a big turkey to Bob Crachit. He then sees the man that asked for money to the poor and promises him that he will give large sums to them. He then goes over to he nephew's house and asks if he could attend the Christmas party. They are confused but happy he came. The moral of the story is don't live it the past, it happened so you can't change it. You need to live life now and make it worth it.