Dan Patrick

Conservative Lieutenant Governor of Texas

Issues he is passionate about

Dan Patrick supports reduced taxes, reduced standardized testing, border security, small business, the 2nd amendment, veterans, and he is pro-life,tough on crime, and very religious.

What does Dan do for the community?

He has cut $172 million in taxes for small businesses, raised $16million for childeren with disabilities via his radio show, and has been awarded legislator of the year by law enforcement!

Political Background

before he was Lt. governor he was a Texas senator of district 7

conservative talk show host

former member of several committees for Texas such as higher education funding, public education funding, flooding and education, as well as intergovernmental relations committee

His Personal Life

Daniel Scott (Goeb) Patrick born April 4th, 1950

A few unknown things about Dan Patrick is that he has produce a movie in 2008 titled "The heart of Texas"

Has been voted the most conservative senator from 2007-2013

Has been married for 38 years

Has a conservative talk show in Houston

Through His talk show has raised over 16 million dollars for kids with disabilities

In the 80's he co-owner of five sports bars