Grade 2 Qur'an & Islamic studies

Newsletter #2: where we are?

UOI 1: Where we are?

In this UOI we learnd about UMMAH, and how we all frome the same father (Adam), and we knew his story.

we made a project about one Ummah and how we all connect around the world and how we must be caring for each other?

What We Learned This Unit?



  • Know the 3 short vowels and Long vowels.
  • Review the Arabic Alphabets and how we connect the letters together.
  • Memorized Surat Al-Lail with the general meaning.
    • The meaning of Surat Al-Lail.

Here is the like of the Surah that we are working on , it will be helpful if they listen it:

Islamic studies

  • The first pillar of Islam (SHAHADAA).
  • The childhood of prophet Mohammad (SAW) from the year of elephant (his born) to the death of his mother.
  • The actions of Wudu with verbal.
  • Practice how to make Wudu with verbal and save water.
Teach Kids Salah (Prayer)