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Join the utopia side, we have cookies!

You will have your basic needs met and a strong security. We all have a job, home, healthcare, everything is equal. We are expected to be the same, which is a good thing because there isn't really a competition to be above anyone else. This is a creative utopia and works very efficiently.

Tuesdays and Thursdays after 6pm.

We like to meet with our fathers and discuss more about how communism is helping the community and how we can improve.

...Cookies will always be available.

Unique creators:

"Each person should get what they need and should give what they can afford."

What is Communism? Whats good about it? Whats bad about it?

Well communism is an economic system, we believe in a collective ownership and a planned economy. Our theory is that everyone pools their resources and labor to evenly distribute everything among everyone. Karl is the father of communism. Security and basic needs are met through it, the only exception to this is the lack of choice.. We are expected to be the same.

We are one. We are equal.

We share everything and everyone is equal. You'll love it we promise.