Muscular Dystrophy

3A, Esmeralda Sandoval, 5/11/16

What is Muscular Dystrophy?

Muscular Dystrophy is a hereditary condition marked by progressive weakening and wasting of the muscles. This disease is caused when a certain gene is missing in the DNA. Most people with muscular dystrophy are born with the disease. This disease cannot be prevented because it is a genetic disorder. When someone has this disease, they tend to have muscle stiffness, joint stiffness, and muscle weakness. Also, they tend to fall a lot and walk on their tippy toes.

Muscular Dystrophy Treatment

In order to treat this disease you must first know if you have it. You can find out if you have MD through a series of genetic test. If your pregnant and want to know if your child will have it or not, ask your doctor about having a test on your baby. Make sure to tell him about your families history with MD also. Once you have found that you have it, you can go through a series of treatment. The three main treatment options are:

-Medication (such as Corticosteroids and prednisone).

-Physical Therapy


The medications will help with slowing the disease (so that the progression of the disease does not come as fast). Physical therapy will help with stretching out the body and will make it a little less painful to walk. The surgery will help correct the development of the spine. So instead of curving, it's straightened.

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