Character Analysis: 'Scout' Finch

To Kill A Mockingbird

To Kill A Mockingbird- 'Scout' Finch

  • -Scout is a little girl that narrators "To Kill a Mockingbird", she is both observer and questioner when it comes to her trying to understand a time life when prejudice, racism and hate was very thick to society.
  • -The song " little Girl with Great Big Plans''-by Sue, displays Scout's curious and native personality very well.

-Questions 1.) What lesson about prejudice is learned while reading this book.

2.) How has Scout affected the story by being the narrator?

3.) Why was Boo Radley such an influence on Scout.

4.) When did racism affect the outcome of trails in court?

5.) Where was Scout and her brother's favorite place to explore?

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Little Girl with Great Big Plans

Poem- To kill a Mockingbird


Wrongly accused was a black man

in a town that told untruths

Created a curious girl whose name was Scout

and her bigger brother too

Together they explored

innocent around their world

faced with

Injustice of a man

corruption of a court

Prejudice of all kinds and racism up and down

lessons where learned each day

with morals of life