Enjoy Your Summer

Final thoughts from your ELA TOSA...


Thank you!

If you haven't already heard, I will be finishing my time in the Lawrence Public School District this summer. I have accepted the position of Professional Development Coordinator for Auburn-Washburn. I am very excited about this opportunity, but I'm also heartsick to say good-bye to a district that has come to feel like home to me.

I feel so blessed as I finish my time as your Elementary ELA TOSA. The experience has been far more engaging and rewarding than I ever could've imagined. Working with teachers, learning coaches, and principals to help our amazing colleagues better meet student needs has been so much FUN!

Thank you for letting me into your schools and classrooms. Thank you for showing me your talent, brilliance, and innovation! Most of all, thank you for the support and friendship I've received throughout the year.



Summer Activities

I hope all of you enjoy your well-deserved break! Summer is the time to rest and recharge, to delve into more personal interests, and to reconnect with family and friends in ways that you cannot do throughout the school year.

That said, for those of you who would like to spend some time building your capacity with the ELA resources, below are some things that have been created to help you do this more effectively:

  • Join me in personalized PD on the use of Reading Street and Units of Study resources. The dates are June 2nd and June 27th. We can even delve into Istation or other resources if that's wanted. Feel free to stop by anytime throughout those two days to receive one-on-one support from me. You might also want to schedule time to meet with your teams or other teachers at your grade level during this PD.
  • Can't make the PD training days? Conduct some self-directed exploration of these resources. Visit the Elementary ELA SharePoint page and dig into the plethora of resources available to you.
  • Want more direction in your self-directed exploration of the resources? Check out your school's Blackboard "Professional Learning Resource" and click on the "ELA" link on the left side. There will soon be material here that makes it easy for you to explore the content at your leisure!

Therese Brink Edgecomb

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