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Australian Institute of Teacher and School Leadership (AITSL)

AITSL has a clearing house of reseach papers, blogs, videos and interviews that explore a wide range of topics. The following link explores innovation in education and was published as a collection in March.

The NSW Board of Studies is beginning a conversation around how we assess students. What does a 21st Century HSC look like? Should all subjects be examined with a 3 hour writing task or are there more authentic means of assessing students' knowledge, skills and abilities. Are we preparing our students to take their place in the academic world and in the workplace within a 21st century framework?

You will find a broad range of topics including: Nine Rules for Stiffling Innovation

(A piece from the Harvard Business Review blog network provoking us to think about managerial and leadership practices that may currently be preventing innovation within our workplace or organisation); How Disruptive Innovation Changes Education (An interview with Clayton Christensen, Michael Horn and Curtis Johnson, authors of the influential Disrupting class: How disruptive innovation will change the way the world learns) and 10 Ideas for 21st Century Learning (Across the world there is a growing global movement towards achieving the vision of 21st century education. The authors present their view of what this vision looks like in practice. They challenge the assumptions that have underlied our education) to name a few.

Reading Non-Fiction

The outstanding video below not only demonstrates how to deconstruct a text but provides an opportunity to view an exemplary lesson - well planned and sequenced, strategies that you could put into class next lesson (watch the way she selects students to answer questions and the use of wait time) - you don't need to be teaching History!

'Wretched Searchers' or what do you teach your students about plagiarism?

What is transliteracy? What do Dan Brown and the Black Eyed Peas have in common? What do you know about Wikipedia? How current is your knowledge about it? All questions that could spark interesting conversations about digital literacy and plagarism. This site provides ideas, strategies and links to other sites that support the teaching of research skills.

NSWIT - New CEO Update

Kate O'Donnell, the recently appointed new CEO of NSWIT has resigned due to personal reasons. Carol Taylor, Chief Exective Officer of the NSW Board of Studies will manage until a new CEO is appointed. Former CEO, Patrick Lee, will manage the implementation of the Great Teaching Inspired Learning Blueprint for Action.

Staff Development Day Term 3 2013 Workshop Closing Date

Friday, June 21st 2013 at 11:45pm


Don't forget to register for your workshops for Staff Development Day Term 3. Closing time is Friday Week 8. Contact your CDT representative for further information.

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