Presidential Race

Obama Vs. Romney


Left: Barack Obama, he was born in Hawaii in August 4,1961. He is in the Democratic Party. He is the incumbent.

Right: Mitt Romney, he was born in Michigan in March 12, 1947. He is in the Republican Party.

Political Issues

  • The major political issues in the race are about the economy. The reason why it has to do with economy is because America’s economy is in a bad state. We need a plan to get us off of our 14 trillion dollar debt. The United States is in a near collapsing of banking and financial systems.

  • They are debating over tax cuts and how each plan is important to America’s financial system. They are talking about how they need to cut spending. The two candidate’s health care systems differ but not by a lot. Obama and Romney both want to heal as many people as they can. They both care about the protection of the civilians.

  • Obama only gives Obamacare to company’s if they employ 50+. Romney only gives care to company’s if they employ 11+. Obama’s care is much cheaper than Romney’s. Obama’s is $695 minimum. Romney’s is $1200 minimum.

Who I think will win the election?

I personally think that Obama will win. He is a great choice, he was already president before so he knows how to run it carefully.

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