Your WHY

Homework Time

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HAPPY MONDAY!!! This is my 1st official coaching post since back from SOAR!!! My mind is still spinning with ideas and projects I want to work on with you all. Even my fellow ‪#‎FabFlyer‬ leaders and I are already working on new initiatives and programs for you all to benefit from moving forward! Sooooo much to share!!!

SO besides follow up, selling and booking pop ups this week. I have some homework for you all. OLD and NEW merchandisers. This week is all about YOUR WHY!!!! Your chloe+isabel WHY!!!!

I want you to take the time this week by Sunday to either do a short video to post here OR write up a few paragraphs to share with me. Complete this by Sunday and you will be entered to win a prize from me!!!

Really take the time to think about what it is you want out of this opportunity and what it can be for YOU!! Get as serious as you want with us, be transparent. It may seem out of your comfort zone and that is ok. BUT it will be an eye opener once you are done. It is so very important and directly related to YOUR success!!! I cannot wait to see your WHY's!!!

XO~ Vanessa