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"Gift of Holiday Valley" Spreads Universal Message of Caring

Business Consultant Turned Storyteller

JoAnn R Forrester, also known as the EmpressofBiz is an award winning business owner, blogger, podcaster/talkcaster and grand storyteller. She is also the proud mother of her grown son, Rob, and the surrogate mother and grandmother to many others.

JoAnn developed her storytelling ability as a single mother on a budget and has enlarged it from there regaling many with her stories both online and off.

JoAnn has loved Christmas all her life and during the season her home shows it. She now invites you as though you were sitting by her fireplace and she in her favorite chair as she tells the story of "The Gift of Holiday Valley." Is there a moral to the story? Absolutely! But the story will delight anyone with a heart and kids from 4 to 104.

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JoAnn R. Forrester, Author

Once upon a time there was business consultant by the name of JoAnn R. Forrester who worked very hard for her small business clients, raised them lots of money ($40 million), taught hundreds of classes, seminars and workshops to thousands of clients and students, won many awards for her accomplishments and helped her clients gain national recognition for their accomplishments and even had her own podcast show, The Empress of Biz, Listen, Learn, Prosper and had helped many organizations that served women and children…something was missing…and she was beginning to become bored and sad…very sad. L ….she wanted some fun, she wanted to play and just be happy. J

Well one day she sat and wrote, and sat and wrote some more….and “Oh My” she discovered that she loved to write and had lots of stories in her head…many of them children’s stories that had been waiting to be told for a long time. And the more she wrote the stories ….the happier she was.

JoAnn’s first children’s book, “The Gift of Holiday Valley” is one that she has carried in her heart for a long time and now being shared with you. Come and read about Holiday Valley. A special place where we would all like to be…where no matter who you are, what you look like, or where you came from…you belong and everyone wants to be your friend and help you. Although…even in a perfect place like Holiday Valley there are some new things to learn and different ways to be helpful and share the joy and happiness of everyone there.

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National Small Business Administration Journalist of the Year, Joanne Quinn-Smith's interview of "The Gift of Holiday Valley" Author.
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