Criminal Investigation (CSI):

By: Zian Garcia

What is Criminal Investigation?

Criminal Justice is a science that specifies in studying the facts, evidence and logic to prove a criminal guilty of any crime. A complete criminal investigation can include searching, interviews, interrogations, evidence collection and preservation and various methods of investigation.

How can I become a Criminal Inversigator?

In order to become a Criminal Investigator first and at the minimum you will need a high school diploma. The more experience and higher level education or military experience can give you better chances in getting higher positions and higher pay. It may also be helpful to pursue courses in crime scene investigation, forensics, psychology, and sociology.

Criminal Investigation training

Criminal Investigation training or the ICITP consists of many different variables, it can be courses or certificate programs. A typical ICITP training can be a 9 day training where the civilian or student is taught about the procedures, legal concerns, general problems associated with a criminal investigation and any and all legal concerns.


The annual salary of a criminal investigator varies depending on his or her location, experience, position and where they live. Investigators and Detectives annual salary is about $79,030.

Job schedule:

Criminal investigators often encounter disturbing images and situations. They also work odd hours, in various climates, and under stressful conditions.

If CSI is the career your looking in you should be prepared for:

  • Long hours, including night, weekend, and holiday hours
  • Unsanitary and smelly environments
  • Being required to follow strict procedures
  • Lifting heavy equipment
  • Every sort of climate
  • Witnessing gruesome images
  • Working in conditions that require strict attention to detail
  • Communicating with various professionals, including lawyers, laboratory scientists, and police officers