Deciduous Forest

Miss Hood's Class

The Deciduous Forest

This is a picture of the Deciduous Forest it is a wonderful picture

Forest Facts

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Deciduous Forest Animals

the animals in the Deciduous forest are all dangerous, adorable, and majestic. There are many animals in the forests such as wolves bers deer and foxes. Animals with claws and teeth like bears and and wolves are dangerous and use

Deciduous Forest Plants

the deciduous forest plants are very cool and dangerous because some of the plants that are in the deciduous forest contain poison. Some of the plants in the Deciduous forest are different in a special way, for example moss when World War 1 and 2 was in full effect, moss was the thing soldiers would depend on. Moss was used for band-aids, and other medical materials.

Ways to protect the Deciduous Forest

They can plant more trees so that animals can get there homes back,and make homes for their young ones.They can save animals such as:foxes,owls,wolfs,bears,deer,and many many more.Don't cut down all of the trees.

Things that Threaten in the Deciduous Forest

Also carbon dioxide is a gas that is dangerous to people and animals.People keep cutting down trees making the animals lose there homes and shade.

Weather in the Deciduous Forest

70*F C2/*C and winter 32*f O*C and summer

What makes the Deciduous Forest special

It has the best soil for plants,and the best weather for animals and plants.

It has over 1 thousand animals and plants.

Seasons in the Deciduous Forest

In the forest it is cool and warm in the summer.It is cold and snowy in the winter.In spring flowers bloom.The following spring,pointy green buds peek out of branches.The cycle of seasons begins all over again.