Are Awesome Field Trip Today

At The Pavek And Bakken Museums

The Povic Museum

We had a game show on electricity. And some points were from 20 to 60. Any way it was really fun. And pressing the red button was fun too. We did a news show and we each did something else like basically the radio it was called the radio station and i had to read a phew sentences while recording. I was not the only one doing it there was like broadcaster and braking news.


We used magnets and steel to try things. Back than they did not know a lot about magnets. The magnets were sticking to the metal on there shoes. Some people thought they were alive or magic. So they thought it gave them good luck so they asked special carvers to carve something but most people carved fish and hanged them. But they started changing directions because the rock was a magnet it saw another magnet so it faced that direction.