Panther Pride

Norfolk Junior High

By Austin Reeker

Movie Review

The Longest Yard

Paul Crewe was chased by the cops in his girlfriend’s car. Then he got caught by the cops and went to prison for drinking and driving. When he got to prison he started a football team. They practiced every day until the championship game. When the championship game came they played a tough game against the prison guards.Then in the second half the prisoners came back and won the championship.

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Nursery Rhyme News Story

Egg’s Son Falls and Breaks His Face

By: Austin Reeker

Once upon a time a little boy named, Tate, fell off a tall steep brick wall. He was messing around one Sunday evening on The Great Wall Of China and fell off. When Tate was playing around he tripped and fell off the edge and broke his face. This happened in the year 3000 in southern China. As soon as he hit the ground somebody came to help him. When Tate got up his head was cracked opened and he had a broken nose. Then the helper took him to the hospital and the doctor gave him stitches and fixed him up.

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Austin’s Autobiography

When Austin turned forty he was a tall 6’6 With short brown hair. Austin graduated high school at Norfolk High School with a scholarship to the University Of Nebraska because of his football skills. The activities Austin participated in high school were Football and Basketball. His first job was at a gas station in Lincoln, Nebraska. After he graduated college as an Athletic Trainer for The University of Nebraska he got married and had kids. He lived in Lincoln, Nebraska. Austin’s hobbies are golf, football,and Basketball. Austin’s plans were to be an Athletic Trainer for the NFL.

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Homework Should be Eliminated

Homework should be eliminated because we go to school 8 hours a day and we should not have to do anymore. I think it should be eliminated because it takes away from your sleep because you are staying up late to finish it. It also takes away from your free time if you like to play sports because you have to stay up late finishing homework. Plus everybody thinks homework is boring. If we didn't have so much homework we could save some trees. Another reason is sometimes we don't even have time to do some of it in school. I think homework takes away some of your family time so you don't have enough time with your family.

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Scary Story

Michael Jordan’s Training Camp Disaster

By: Austin Reeker, Tate Brudigan

Once upon a time at Michael Jordan’s training camp Chris Paul, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James were training for the USA Dream Team. Then out of nowhere a mysterious man shot LeBron with a bow and arrow right on the temple. Michael sprinted down the court and he had a ball in his hand so he dunked from the free throw line and ran off. Then Chris Paul grabbed the arrow and zinged it toward the mysterious man and it hit him square between the eyes.

So, Michael came back to the gym and they carried LeBron to Michael’s Bugatti and they drove 200 miles per hour to the hospital. When they got to the hospital all of the people were zombies and ate LeBrons insides so Michael and Chris drove back to the gym and called the police. When they were waiting for the police zombies surrounded them from all sides.

They stole that mysterious man’s bow and arrow and Chris shot them all so they could get to the locker room and get the guns and kill them all. After Chris shot all the zombies they escaped and flew Chris’s private jet to Miami to tell Erik Spoelstra and told him that LeBron was shot and zombies got a hold of him.

After they told him that, a zombie came up and bit his neck so he became a zombie and tried to kill them. They escaped and got back on Chris’s jet and flew to Michael’s mansion and camped out there for the night. All of a sudden LeBron came back from the dead and…

Feature Story

Nebraska Cornhuskers

The Nebraska Cornhuskers began to play competitively in 1890.The University of Nebraska is a part of the Big Ten Conference. They Participate in twenty-one different sports sponsored by the Big Ten Conference.They were in the Big Twelve Conference for over one hundred years. The Cornhuskers compete in the NCAA Division I. The home field is called Memorial Stadium and it is located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The nickname for Memorial Stadium is “The Sea of Red.” The record setting crowd at memorial Stadium is 97,471 people, set September 14, 2013. The upgrade to Memorial Stadium was 65 million dollars. The expansion gave them 6,000 more seats and 28 additional skyboxes. The Cornhuskers have two official mascots named Lil Red and Herbie Husker. All of the Huskers home games start out with the tunnel walk. The Cornhuskers are the first college in the Division I A to have installed a fieldturf in 1999.

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Favorite App or Video Game


By: Austin Reeker

When you first get into the YouTube app there is a search bar that is used to find certain videos. You can also just look at the most popular videos right when you open the app. If you have a YouTube account you can subscribe and like certain videos of your choice. If you subscribe to someone you will see all the videos they post on their channel. When you watch a video you can post a comment if you would like. If you want to find someone’s channel you can just search for their name in the search bar. When you get done with a video it will give you options on what you want to watch next. If you do not want to watch any of those videos you can go back to the home screen and search for a different game.