"The Most Adapted animal ever"

Little Food and Water Gomeleeorm don't care

Why does a Goat,Bee,Camel, and Worm need to be mixed together?

My very remixed Gomeleeorm lives in an unforgiving place called the desert. The desert is very sandy and little water and food.first of all it is mixed with a goat for its horn with protection.It is also mixed with a camel for its fat reserve.Also it is mixed with a bee for protection by stinger and wings to hide if needed.Finally it is mixed with a worm to hide underground.

What does a gomaleeorm look like read and use your imagery what it looks like

It looks like a camel with wings, a stinger and horns. It eats any thing that it is mixed with can.It has retractile feet and horn to dig underground.It can sting, but prefers not to because it can die.The horns can fend off most animals.It can fly away if needed

Links and other Information

To learn more about adaptations, go to the links and read the information below.It is only 4ft long and 2ft tall.From the ground to its stomach. It has fur because during the nigt time it gets very cold.

The Survived and Adapted already ,but not enough a Camel

This is what the gomaleeorm is mostly mixed with because of the fat reserve and long legs.