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Happy Summer!

Dear Fabulous Forest Park Family,

This has been a year we will never forget in your Forest Park Library Media Center! From Zoomed library lessons in the classrooms to quarantined books for virtual and in person checkout, we kept the spirit of our little library alive with lively book clubs, resourceful Bitmoji bookshelves, and makerspace bingo activities!

What a blessing it is to be a part of your Forest Park Family! The Forest Park students, parents, and staff are simply amazing! Thank you for your hospitality, generosity, and support! I promise to always strive to provide the best library program for our precious little ones! Thank you for all that you do to make Forest Park the best school in Little Rock!

A very special thank you to Ms. Jimerson, our fantastic Library Clerk and Melissa Morgan, our wonderful Forest Park PTA President, for your help making the library a fun and exciting place to read, learn, and grow! You are simply the best! I cannot tell you what a difference an extra set of hands and generous hearts makes!

Remember our eBook Digital Libraries this summer! These libraries are full of great children’s fiction and nonfiction eBooks for you and your children to enjoy at home! Access our digital libraries and all of our online programs at

Parents, please visit your Local Public Library ( virtually and in person this summer with your children! Click here for upcoming events, CALS May 2021, to keep your children reading all summer! No worries if you run out of things to read! Access eBooks, magazines, and newspapers in a flash! All you need is an internet accessible device and the CALS Tech Card your child received in library this year! Check it out at!

This year has definitely been one for the history books! I have missed you all so very much! I am blessed beyond words to be your Library Media Specialist! I cannot thank you enough for your generosity, love and support! We make a great team! I adore you and your children, and I look forward to working with you and your precious children again 2021-2022, hopefully all together in person! I hope you have a wonderful summer filled with exciting adventures! Remember, automobiles, airplanes, and boats are not the only way to travel this summer! The most exciting, fun-filled trips can be taken when reading a good book! You don't have to leave the comfort of your own home to visit the world! JUST READ!

Click here for Mrs. Graves's Suggested Summer Reading List!


Mrs. Michelle Graves, Your Blessed LMS

Learning in the FP LMC!

We learned so much in our FP LMC! Ask your little bookworms these questions to see just how much they learned:

  • Kindergarten/First Grade – What does it mean to be a good Digital Citizen? What is fiction and nonfiction? What are eBooks? Where can I go to find information? What is an author and an illustrator? What are the parts of a book? What is the Caldecott Medal? What is the Arkansas Diamond Award?
  • Second/Third Grade – What is Cyber Safety? What is a Digital Footprint? Where do books come from? What makes a great story? What is the inside and outside parts of a book? What is the Arkansas Diamond Award? What are book genres? What is the author’s purpose of writing fiction and nonfiction? What are the types of fiction? How are the books arranged in the library? What are online databases and digital libraries? How can I read for deeper meaning?
  • Fourth/Fifth Grade – What is Cyber Safety? What is a Digital Footprint? What makes a great story? How are books arranged in a library? What are the two main types of books? What is the author’s purpose for writing? What is the Newberry Award? What is the Charlie May Simon Award? What is research? What is an online reference database? What makes a great presentation?

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students also participated in the Schoology Library Course! They navigated their way through wonderful literature and amazing research by visiting their Forest Park Virtual Bitmoji Library and Bookshelves and learning about the world around them! They experienced technology like never before learning to navigate their Chromebooks, access their Google accounts, and use Kami and Google Suite/Google Apps for Education!

February was our fourth annual Love Your Library Month (LYLM)! The students participated in virtual LYLM Virtual Makerspace Bingo activities inspired by biographies, nonfiction science books, and famous African American inventors, architects, engineers, and athletes from our Bitmoji Bookshelves! Makerspaces encourage creativity and high order thinking skills! We found out that libraries are more than just a place to get lost in great reading adventures! They are also a fun place to discover and learn!

And the winners are...

COMING SOON!!! Summertime Stories and Art at the Park with Mrs. Graves and Ms. Langley!

Ms. Langley and I love you, books, and art so much! We are really going to miss reading adventures with you and creating beautiful pieces of art with you!

We've decided to do it again....SUMMERTIME Stories and Art at the Park! Let's go on reading adventures and create beautiful art virtually this summer until we meet again!

Mrs. Graves will read you a fabulous story, and Ms. Langley will help you create amazing art that goes along with the story!

To enjoy our Summertime Stories and Art at the Park episodes, you may visit our Forest Park Website Media Center Page! Parents will receive emails when an episode is available!

Hope to "see" you there!

Need books?

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Need help?

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