Nonfiction Rhetorical Analysis

By Parker Palmieri

I think the main idea of Sojourner Truth's speech is about equal rights. During the speech, in New York City, on May 9, 1867, she spoke for the many women who weren't already speaking for themselves. Society never was accepting towards women's rights at the time, so women were afraid to speak up. Truth was getting old, and wanted to make sure that after she was gone, her gender would continue to fight for their rights. She hoped that her audience of the American Equal Rights Association would carry out her message. It amazes me that people wouldn't allow women to have rights or make as much money as men do. There really is no benefit from having something like that in any government. I'm glad that things have changed over time.

In the beginning of the selection, Sojourner Truth introduces herself and tells why she thinks women and men should be treated the same. She says that since she has to answer for her deeds just like men, then she should have the same rights as men. She also says that she thinks that if women don't get equal rights then men will start treating women like slaves and things will be just as bad as before. Next she talks about keeping the movement going even after she is gone since she is getting old and may not be around much longer. She wants women to get the same pay as men. At the ends she sings because she has not heard anyone sing since she has been there. I admire how persistent and determined she is to continue her movement even after she is gone. I also agree with her that women should make the same amount of money as men.

The author's purpose of the selection is to make people aware of how unfair things are for women. She wants people to know that even though slavery is ending, women are still not being treated equally. She also wants people to know that if women don't get the same rights as men, women will become like slaves to men. I'm glad she brought this to people's attention because that is not right.

In the world in general, I think women are still not paid as much as men sometimes. Things have gotten much better than they were in Sojourner Truth's time but it's still not completely equal. Her message must have continued because women do have equal rights like voting and being able to do any job they want. It's good that there are equal rights now. I still don't think it's fair when men make more money for the same job as a woman though.