Made By: Aaron,Kanecia,and Asia

Life on the water cycle

Mr.Smith was sitting on the cloud waiting for another rain droplet to come and play with him. Mr. Smith said , '' someone come and play with me.'' Then, a droplet came and said ,''Hi there , my name is Darren.'' Do you want to be friends with me , please Darren. Darren said, '' sure lets hang out.'' [CONDENSATION]


Darren said, '' do you wanna come with me to the pond below''. Mr.Smith said , '' Sure I would love to go with you''. So they fell down into the trees and fell into the pond. They sat on the leaf. [PRECIPITATION]


Mr.Smith and Darren went down the mountain stream. They was saying "WHEEEEEEEE" all the way down the stream. Darren said "Were almost to the bottom of the stream". Mr.Smith said " That we are going to the plants". [RUN-OFF]


MR.SMITH hit the plant first , then Darren hit it last. Darren said "That we are we are falling, because that dog hit that plant stem". Mr.Smith was happy because the birds was trying to drink them.


We was in in the pond, and we was flowing along the the pond. We was going up into the sky. Mr. Smith said " WE ARE GOING UP"!!!!! [EVAPORATION]


MR. Smith said " We just formed a cloud". Darren said 'We are so famous, because we are two most famous people.