our 36th presadent of the united states

About Him

Lyndon.B.Jonson is our 36th presadent of the united states. He is well known for taking the presidential pledge on a air force 2 plane flying to the capital.


Born in StoneWall T.X in August 27,1908. He was the oldest of 5 kids. His 3 sisters named rebekah,josefa,and lucia,along with his brother,sam houston jonson, all wher christians. His father was a pastored 3 diffrent churches before leving to go live in la salle country. He went into the army soon after moving.

The Sad News.

After leving the army, he ran for vice presadent and he got the job. On a air force 2 plane, he soon found out kinnady was assanated by lee harvy oswald, in november 22, 1963.Then and there, he took the presidential pledge, becoming our 36th presadent.

His death

After a year of being president, he went back home and died on january 22, 1973 of old age. He is buried in jonson family cemetry in StoneWall T.X. He was 64 years old.

My Info

I got my info from Bio, and Google.

Is He A Good Role Model?

YES.Lyndon.B.Jonson is a good role model.He lived a simple life and had kids.Sounds like a good role model to me!
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