Curriculum Connection

K-5 Science and/or Social Studies -October

Kindergarten Science

1st Grade Social Studies

Symbols in the Community and Country

Students will recognize and explain the significance of US symbols such as the Statue of Liberty, U.S. Capitol, Bald Eagle and Liberty Bell.

Students will also explore significant symbols of the local community such as Post Office, Fire Department, Sports/Mascots, Police Stations, Schools/Mascots, Medical Facilities, etc.

2nd Grade Social Studies

Responsibilities of Government Leaders

Students will study the study of the three different branches of the United States Government. Specifically, students will recognize the differences between the three branches as well as identify the functions of each branch. Finally, students will learn the significance of many American symbols such as the White House, U.S. Capitol, Supreme Court, national landmarks, such as Mount Rushmore, national parks, the Alamo, important memorials, etc.

Inventions that Changed the Way People Lived

Students becoming familiar with the way inventions have changed how people live. Students will build knowledge of the contributions inventors have made in our nation and how these contributions have helped facilitate the movement of people, products, and ideas.

3rd Grade Science

4th Grade Social Studies and Science

5th Grade Science