Hidden Valley Weekly Bulletin

Week of February 2/8/16

Principal Point to Ponder

What type of player are you on your team?

On Monday there will be a professional read that is placed in your mailbox. This read is very important for the progress of our school. this read talks about the teams that we have in the school. We always want to move to a place of making each other better. I want you to really take a look at the article, talk with his amongst your teams, and determine not only what type of team (PLC) you might categorize your team, but who are YOU on that team.

Here are some questions to ponder when reading this article:

  • Is my team working towards a level of accountability, where we challenge each other to be better?
  • Where do I fit on my team?
  • How do we, as a team, get to that next level of productivity?
  • Am I holding my team back, and if so, what can I do to help improve this?

Kudos and Recognitions

* Shout out to Ms. Porcayo for creating a reflection sheet for small group instruction. This is posted on the I:// drive under Teacher Resources. It is important to have the students understand what theya re doing and WHY!!!!

*Kudos to all the teachers who are serving as mentors for our beginning teachers. Your ongoing coaching and partnership is invaluable as teachers progress through the early stages of their careers.

*Shout out to Mr. C. Hayes for teaching an awesome math lesson with me in Ms. Lott's class on the relationship between decimals, fractions, and percentages! He did an awesome job explaining and modeling how to order decimals on a number line!

* Kudos to Mr. Brynildsen, Mr. Nash, Ms. Hews, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Alston, Ms. Alston, and Ms. Roper for stepping in and teaching lessons while we were able to get teachers on the NELC-V learning walks.

*Kudos to Mrs. Watson for addressing and supporting parent need by helping them to dive deeper and identify avenues of success for their children.

* Shout out to Mr. Busbee and Ms. Stoner for having an awesome Counselor week and providing food and drinks for the staff this week. Also creating the Bounce Back Program.

* Kudos to the 4th, 5th , and Special Area teachers for making accommodations for the severe weather that we had on Wednesday. TRUE TEAM PLAYERS.


* We have Family Literacy Night This week. Remember that it is the expectation that all staff members attend and assist with at least one family night. We already had literacy night, we have math this week, and there will be Science night later in the year.

* Please remind your students to bring in their box tops. Please collect them and give to Ms. Alston every Friday. The final submission date is March 1st.

*The Hidden Valley Elementary School PTO is excited to host its next School Spirit Night. This event will be held at the McDonald's located at 1201 W. Sugar Creek Road on Tuesday, February 23rd from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The key to a successful Spirit Night is having 50 or more friends and family members to visit and enjoy a meal during our designated time period. So come on out and join the fun and support our students by purchasing a meal. Remember to tell the person that is taking your order that you are there to support Hidden Valley Elementary School. All proceeds from Spirit Night will benefit Hidden Valley Elementary School. We have had great turnouts for the first few spirit nights of the year. Thanks to all of you that came out and supported us on those days. We really appreciate it.

*The Staff Culture team has put together 2 events in the next month. Below is a link to the Survey Monkey. PLEASE respond no later than Thursday, February 11 as I need to get both of these gentlemen numbers for the events. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/K3FKXQK

* Who will be HVES's Master Chef. Remember about our staff cookout afterschool on February 12th. Come prepared to bring your A game. If you have signed up with Ms. Velez, remember your dish. Food will be judges on taste, presentation, and texture.

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Instructional Strategy of the week

By using context clues and key vocabulary students are able to discover the meaning of sentences, even with no prior knowledge. Clues can be written on notes as support stations if necessary. Ms. Wagner displays this strategy through the development of her bulletin board in the front hallway. Students are challenged to look at letter formation, letter patterns, and sentence formation to find which language the each sentence is written. Folded notecards contain the name of each language for students to refer to when uncovering correct answers.

ELL Strategy of the Week

Bringing Culture into your classroom

Virtual field trips are a fun and easy way to bring culture into the classroom. Also, you can use Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime to connect with people all around the world!

(Shout out to Ms. Stone for helping 2 of her newcomers use Sphere360 to see their home countries!)

Here are more ways to bring culture into your classroom:
Sphere 360 (app)
Google Earth
YouTube: virtual field trips

What to Expect This Week

Monday (Day 1) 2/8

- Wear your school colors

- Only one person has taken off, so we should have close to perfect attendance.

Tuesday (Day 2) 2/9

- Tie Tuesday

- Pasta for Pennies Kickoff Assembly (4th and 5th 8am) ( PreK-1 9am) ( 2nd and 3rd 10am)

Wednesday (Day 3) 2/10

- Staff Meeting @3:15 pm --Committee Meeting

Thursday (Day 4) 2/11

- Family Math night - 5-7pm. WEAR YOUR PAJAMAS, remember a $250 reward to the class that has the highest percentage of participants

Friday (Day 5) 2/12

- Wear Jeans and College Shirt


* Picture Day 2/17 - Upcoming Email from Mr. Brynildsen coming soon

* Boys basketball game 2/20- Details coming

* Beginning Teacher Meeting 2/22

* Chik-Fil-A night 2/3

*Common Assessment 4 Week of 2/29