Created by Omar Carreno

Daily tasks and responsibilities

Working under the hood in auto bays inside our fully-equipped auto shops featuring computerized diagnostic equipment and specialty tools

Description about my career

Giving you the chance to accelerate into a career as a Diesel Technician, Auto Mechanic, Service Shop Manager, or other type of automotive pro.

Education/training needed

Working on car everyday. Doing the basic hand on work

Preferred job skills

To have experience on car

Job outlook

Automotive is not really going to fade away. Everyone drive car now day.


The salary is $53,651,

Work environment

Environments are often greasy and dirty because of the lubed car parts that they work.

Related Courses

I can take auto care

Extra-curricular Activities

Auto 1 and auto 2

Work/Volunteer Experience

I have work on car at home


In this career it is all about referencing

Why you chose them

it is the closer to me and Students have access to academic advisers, and can arrange for tutoring if necessary.

Possible college majors for your career

Yes because a mechanic shop will stop hired me with out go to college
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