People and Bullying

By Brooke McAllister


Bullying is an appalling thing and hurts multiple people. Bullying hurts kids and adults alike throughout the country.

The Effects of the Bullying, the Bullied, and the Bystanders

When kids get bullied, they can sometimes experience mental illnesses, school problems, etc. They can get depressed and feel more anxious, have more increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, have changes in sleep and eating patterns, and will even lose interest in activities they used to enjoy. Sometimes these problems will continue in adulthood. Kids will also complain about their health more and may skip and drop out of school. A very small percentage of bullied kids may even become shooters. When kids bully they are more likely to take drugs, get into fights, drop out of school, have a criminal record as an adult, and be abusive towards partners, spouses, or children as adults. The bystanders are more likely to use drugs, alcohol, and tobacco, have increased mental illnesses, and miss or skip school.
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Bullying and Suicide

Most people assume that bullying is the main cause for suicide, but that is not the case. Suicide happens when kids get depressed, problems at home, and have trauma history. Bullying on worsens the kid's thought for suicide, but does not completely cause it.
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The Conclusion

As you can see, bullying is a terrible thing. We must stand up to bullies and help support kids through these tough times. Bullying may not be the complete reason for teenage suicide, but stopping bullying may help prevent teenage suicides. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!
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