North Korea

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North Korea is in East Asia. North Korea shares borders with China, Russia and South Korea. It is also near the yellow sea. The total size of NK is 120,538 square kilometers. The capital of North Korea is Pyongyang. The country is mostly hills and mountains, and in this land they have coal, petroleum, and lead.


North Korea is 35% agriculture, and 65% industry. Trade is deteriorated in 1990, trade with China increased by 90% in 2014. Taxes were abolished in 1974. They use a "won" as currency.


North Korea is a democracy. The democracy has three branches. The current president is Kim Jong-il. Their military has 1,190,000 people. They also have a developed Internet. They have allies with Russia, Japan, and China. Their enemies are USA and Israel. North Korea and Frances relationship is non existent.


North Korea's leader, Kim Jong-Un, has made a claim that NK has a hydrogen bomb.

The Korean war was a war between the United States and Soviet Russia, in which Korea was split into two.

1994- Kim ll-sung died, and Kim Jong-il took power.

1998- Korea began missile testing.

2011- Kim Jong-un takes power after his father dies.

Social Structure

North Korea´s social class is called Songbun. There are three levels, core, wavering, and hostile. Their main religions are Buddhism and Confucianism. The ethnic groups in North Korea are racially homogeneous. Their life expectancy is 69.5 years. They speak Korean.

Children go to school for eleven years and then onto universities.