Knights Watch

February 8 - 12

All In, Mt. Gallant!

How We Win:

  • Building and sustaining relationships with students, parents, and colleagues
  • Improving our core instruction in the areas of Guided Reading, Lucy Calkins' writing, and Number Talks.
  • Personalizing the MGES experience and learning for each child

Remembering One of Our Own

Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Jimmie Matthews as well as our extended Ebinport family. On behalf of all of us at MGES, an assortment of K-cups will be sent to Ebinport as they begin the healing process.

Odds & Ends

ESPN predicts that the Panthers have a 75% chance of winning Super Bowl 50. For us, this means that there is a 100% chance that Monday is a jean day!

Terrific Kid

Please remember to turn in your Terrific Kid nominations before you leave on Tuesday. Letters will go home on Wednesday.

Progress Reports

Progress Reports will go home on Wednesday. Progress reports explanations were placed in each teacher's box. This sheet was created by the district to help explain the progress report to parents.

New Math Standards - What do they mean?

Michael and Kristen have added videos explaining our new math standards to each grade level's master Canvas course. These videos include examples of student learning outcomes. This resource will help us tremendously when selecting our essentials.

Knights Doing it Right

Will be moved to Thursday at 2pm for this week only. Sheleea and I will be at CPI training.

SLO Midpoint Conferences

It's time for midpoint conferences. This is a time for you to share and reflect on progress made thus far. Please bring data to support our conversation.

Special Area Teachers (Art, Music, PE)

Katie Abril - Tuesday @ 2:45
Heather Gregory - Tuesday @ 3:10
David McKeown - Tuesday @ 3:35

Classroom Teachers
We will schedule your conferences after the second On-Demand is given and scored.

SC Ready Update


  • Students select their responses from a list of possible answer options. Some of these items may be multi-select items, where students will be prompted to select more than one response option (e.g., “Choose two answers” or “Select ALL...”). The multi-select items may have 5 or 6 answer choices.

  • For each grade level, there will be a combined answer document for paper/pencil testers, in which students will provide responses for the ELA (both sessions) and mathematics tests. The answer documents are currently under development. Once finalized, electronic copies of the answer documents will be available on eDIRECT and the SCDE’s website.

  • All students (those testing online or via paper/pencil) will have access to scratch paper for the mathematics tests.

  • Rulers, protractors, and reference sheets are not needed for any items on the spring 2016 mathematics tests, and, therefore, will not be provided for online or paper/pencil testing.

Art Updates

Our traveling "Show on the Road" will be hosted by Dr. Valis' dentist office this month. The artwork will go up Feb. 8th and will be up until March 7th.

The RHSD Teachers' Choice show opens February 19th. Each elementary teacher selects work from one student, per grade level, to represent the school. Congrats to the following Mt. Gallant artists:

Chloe McNinch - Grubaugh

Emery McMahan - Clontz

Will Crumpton - Jackson

Monterrious Weaver Adkins - E. Baker

Izzy Wright - Howe

Kyden Hear - Ghent

* There is a reception, at the Center for the Arts, to honor these students on Feb. 25 (5:30-6:30). The show will be open until March 13th

Family Art Night is Thursday, April 28th. Mark your calendar now!

MGES 1st graders will be participating in a large display at the Museum of YC. The museum is bringing in a HUGE dinosaur exhibit for the summer and has asked MGES to create an art show to hang in the former Vernon Grant Gallery. All 1st graders will participate and exhibit, with 30 pieces being selected as featured works. The work will be up May-September and is based on the How Do Dinosaurs ... book series by Jane Yolen. More info coming soon.

Essential Learning - Independent Zone through Feb 12

You should be in the independent zone with math essentials. This part is very important so please trust yourself and follow the Test of Three (plus one). If you have any questions, please ask! Sheleea and I are more than happy to help.

Reading Coach's Corner

Looking at Lucy:

I know that many of you are beginning to do your mid-unit On Demands or are planning to do them shortly. Please hold off on scoring them until our team discussion on Feb. 17.

This Week:

Thank you all for contributing your time, money, and patience (if you were in the cafeteria during breakfast) during our Pennies for Patience campaign. Special thanks to our Hospitality folks as well as Knights of the Round Table and Gallant Girls!


    • Liz Bridges in the building


    • Moree at DO, AM
    • PM: PLC Tuesday


    • Moree and Leonard at CPI Training - Call Gail for emergencies
    • Progress Reports Home


    • PST - See MGES Calendar
    • Michael Jerrell in the building
    • Knights Doing It Right - 2pm


    • Recycling boxes out by 7:45
    • Valentine's Day Parties may begin at 1:30; Kindergarten prior to Special Area
    • Team minutes in Canvas
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    Coming Up:

    15 - No School

    16 - 19 - STAR Testing, No GT; PTA Lunch & Desserts

    25 - RHSD Teacher's Choice Gallery Reception

    22 - 26 - STAR Testing, No GT


    1 - 4 - Book Fair & Read Across America Week - "Oh, the places you'll go!"

    3 - Family Literacy Night

    14 - Teacher Workday - Essentials due to Moree

    19 - Family Health Day - 2 - 4:30pm

    25 - Teacher Workday (Trade-in day if you attended the summer PLC Conference)


    13 - MAP Window Opens for K-2

    26 - SC Ready - Writing Grades 3 - 5 - Paper/Pencil

    27 - SC Ready - Reading Grades 3 - 5 - Paper/Pencil

    28 - SC Ready - Math Grades 3 - 5 - Paper/Pencil; Family Art Night


    4 - MAP Window Opens for 3-5

    11 - 27 - SC PASS Online Window for Science and SS for Grades 4-5

    19 - PTA 3-5 Dance