Listen. Lead. Learn.

Be your best self for your students!

Lead. Learn.

Our Partnership Is Intended To...


We want you to be confident in the work you do AND in the thinking that your students are capable of doing. With intentional moves, the sky is the limit!


Whatever your goals and focus may be, we are ready to support you!


Would you like to create or continue a "cadence of accountability" for yourself?

  • There are teachers in the building who choose to work with ICs weekly through scheduled planning/reflecting conversations and classroom visits. They say it's "just what we do."

  • Others work with coaches when they're "stuck" or want to push themselves to move out of their comfort zones with classroom culture or in a particular lesson or unit. Maybe, it's one's new content...they need more structure...we can be there to be part of that community. ..the list is endless.

Partner With Us...Invite Us To Listen!

We listen to what you want to explore, how you want to grow, and help answer the "why" of your practice.

We visit your classroom when we've been invited in order to support you in your goals. Whatever you choose as your focus, we will visit your classroom to collect that data for you and use it to continue the cycle of conversations and planning that supports your growth, as well as that of your students.

When you see us in classrooms, it's a great thing! It means that you and your students are taking risks, requesting feedback, retooling and growing with a partner!

Take a look at our availability (below) and let us know if there is a time that might work to talk with either of us.

We're glad to talk about coaching more specifically and tailor it to your needs!

If this week doesn't work, contact us and we'll plan ahead.

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Let Us Be Your Cheerleaders!