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Esther Kim

An _____________ woman, Melanie, divorced 5 men already, eager to settle with a wealthier husband.

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What's the Word? Acquisitive

(adj.) Eagerly seeking to obtain things, wealth, or information

Different Part of Speech

(v.,) Acquire- to obtain

(n.,) Acquisition

(n.,) Acquisitivenss


Quaero, Quaerere, Quaesivi, Quaesitum

"to seek" "to search for"


curious, greedy, desirous, determined, predatory


giving, sacrificial, satisfied

Practice! Which sentence uses the word incorrectly?

a) Tom Buchanan, an acquisitive business man, betrayed his own company to take the job offer at a larger company that offered him $1000 more salary.

b.) The college application acquired 4 years of high school math, english, science, foreign language courses along with athletic extracurricular.

c.) Sam, known as an acquisitive friend, kept up with all his peer's jobs, address, family business, and other information.

d.) The manager job position at the country club hotel recommend applicants to acquire wealthy background, ivy league school education, and internship experience.

e.) Andrew Jackson was acquisitive to gain the Indian land, thus forcefully kicked thousands of Indians into the further west.