Central Great Plains


Climate & Location

The plains have warm summers and moderately cold winters. The plains receive 10-50 inches of rain a year depending on location. The plains are located in the central United States.


Plants that grow well are mainly grasses. Crops are also grown in the central plains.

Plant Adaptations

Most grasses are perennials and are rhyzominous. The plants store nutrients in their roots. The roots are bunched together to hold water in the soil.


There are a wide variety of animals. Coyotes, badgers, birds, deer, snakes, cougars, and bison are a some animals that live here.

Animal Adaptations

Most mammals have reddish or brownish fur to blend into their habitat. Birds make their nest out of mud and grass.

Human Impact

Humans have impacted the Great Plains mostly through agriculture. In the 1930's the Dust Bowl affected the ecosystems.