Alioth/Epsilon Ursae Majoris


  • The traditional name Alioth comes from the Arabic alyat (fat tail of a sheep).


  • It's the brightest star in the Ursa Major Constellation.
  • With the Right Ascension being 12h 54m 01.74959s and the Declination being +55° 57′ 35.3627.
  • It is visible throughout all year but its at its highest during winter.
  • A0pCr being the spectral type and having a temperature of 10,800 K.
  • With a color of blue due to the hot temperature.
  • It is 82.6 Light years away and 25.3 Parsecs away.
  • With a mass of 5.788E30 kg and a diameter of 5,842,200 km makes it far bigger than the Sun.
  • It is about 200 million years old.
  • It is composed of Helium which makes up a lot of the stars on the Universe.

Apparent and Absolute Magnitude

Apparent Magnitude: 1.77

Absolute Magnitude: -0.22