National Suicide Prevention Month

Youth Suicide Prevention

September is National Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month

The Social-Emotional and Mental Health of our students is a top priority. St Lucie Public Schools is joining Jason Foundation, a national organization dedicated to raising awareness and preventing the “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide. Included in this publication are educational tools and resources to support youth. These tools include youth suicide warning signs to look for, staff than can help at our schools, a community helpline, courses for educators and families about sicide prevention, and a FREE downloadable phone app to help a friend or someone that you know that may be struggling with thoughts of suicide. WE are asking that you take the challenge #IWONTBESILENT.

#IWONTBESILENT Challenge - The Jason Foundation

St. Lucie Public Schools Joins the Challenge #IWONTBESILENT

Take the Challenge!

Challenge students in grades 6- 12, staff, families, and friends to join! Share or Use the #iwontbesilent or #wewontbesilent on all of your social media accounts. Change your social media profile picture to one of you holding a #IWONTBESILENT or #WEWONTBESILENT sign. You can also make one with the attached printable signs (below). Suicide is PREVENTABLE!

Youth suicide warning signs - CLICK HERE

By themselves, many of these observations are not sure signs that someone is suicidal, but could mean that students are struggling with issues in their lives and could use help. CLICK HERE to learn more.

School Mental Health Professionals Can Help

ALL St. Lucie Public Schools have a team of mental health professionals on their campuses to support students. School counselors serve as the first point of contact and can meet with students in a group or individual setting. Additionally, each school is assigned licensed or certified mental health professionals, including a school social worker and school psychologist who serve in a variety of capacities and are trained in short-term, goal-oriented therapy methods to address underlying issues that students may be experiencing. Both school social workers and school psychologists can provide individual and group counseling services. In the event that a student requires very specialized longer-term counseling or treatment St. Lucie Public Schools has a collaborative agreement with mental health agencies in the community that provide services both in school and outside of school. Through this collaborative agreement, students can be referred for additional services as needed.


  • Build relationships with your students.
  • Watch and listen to your students and pay attention to sudden changes in behavior that cause you concern.
  • If you are concerned about a student, seek assistance from the mental health professionals on your school campus.
  • Educate yourself on how you should respond in the event that a student is in crisis if a student is experiencing a crisis.
  • Participate in Youth Mental Health First Aid Training offered by SLPS.
Training for Educators and Parents -CLICK HERE

The training modules have been designed and produced to provide you with valuable information to help prevent youth suicide.


You can make a difference and help us fight the “Silent Epidemic” of youth suicide.

  • Take the #IWONTBESILENT challenge and get your friends talking about the problem of youth suicide. Share or Use the #iwontbesilent or #wewontbesilent on all of your social media accounts.
  • Be there for a friend by being observant, asking questions, listening, responding and get help for your friend.
  • Never keep a friends suicidal thoughts to yourself. Know who you can turn to for help and guidance such as a parent, teacher, coach or a trusted adult to seek professional help.
"A Friend Asks" App - CLICK HERE

A free smart-phone app (Android and iPhone) that helps provide information tools, and resources to help a friend (or yourself) who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide.

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You can make a difference! Below is a list of things you can do to support your youth or someone that you know:

  • Educate yourself about the magnitude of the problem, the signs of concern, and the tools of prevention.
  • Watch and listen to your children and pay attention to sudden changes in behavior that cause you concern.
  • Be willing to seek professional help and guidance if you feel your child is becoming depressed or contemplating hurting him/herself.
  • Talk openly and honestly with your child or your child’s friends about your concerns and be supportive in helping them cope with their feelings.

211 Community Helpline Available 24/7

Call 2-1-1 to speak with a highly trained resource specialist.

Calls to 211 HelpLine are Free, Confidential, and available 24/7!

211 is a community helpline and crisis hotline that provides suicide prevention, crisis intervention, information, assessment, and referral to community services for people of all ages.

Serving: St. Lucie County, Indian River County, Martin County, Okeechobee County, and

Palm Beach County

Caring staff will listen to each individual's situation to provide information on available social services, mental health services, community services and resources that include food assistance, medical clinics, foreclosure prevention, parenting info on developmental concerns (Help Me Grow) & special needs, senior services that include free "Sunshine" daily calls, services for teens and more.


St. Lucie Public Schools Student Services Staff under the Direction of Mr. Bill Tomlinson, Executive Director of ESE and Student Services