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How to Buy Solar Power Systems?

1. Pure lighting or used for appliances
Solar power system can be divided into two types according to their functions, first is family DC solar lighting kit used for simple lighting; second is 220V AC output power generation system which can be used for lighting and also for household appliances, whose lighting system features are simple, and the most cost-effective power generation system, but not suitable for household electric appliances.

2. Portable all-in-one machine or modular, which is better?
The portable all-in-one machine is also designed and developed for easy to carry, which has easy to carry, free installation features, ideal for outdoor camping. But due to the limited size, too small storage capacity, so the cost is high. Modular type machine needs simple installation, large capacity storage, both practical and affordable, so it is more suitable for home users and outdoor home use.

3. Off-grid or grid, which is better?
We know that the current types of solar power systems are mainly on-grid and off-grid off grid solar power systems two kinds. The grid is divided into storage and no energy storage devices two kinds. Each of the component parts have differences, suitable for different places, the most important is that there is much difference in cost. In general, the cost of off-grid systems is much higher than grid systems, and the grid with energy storage devices is higher than those grid systems without storage devices. Off-grid solar power system is suitable for use anywhere, but the grid is only suitable for the place which can be incorporated into the public grid.

4. The capacity of system
System capacity is the size of the solar power system, which directly determines how much electricity will be generated in the day, usually represents watts with "W". Either in grid or off-grid power generation system, the system capacity refers to the number of solar panels installed. But for off-grid power generation system, some solar system manufacturers use the inverter output to indicate the size of the system capacity, it is not professional representation, we should pay attention at the time of purchase.

Therefore, when customers select solar home system, such as solar lights, we must first select pure lighting or for appliances use according to their own needs, and secondly to consider installing off-grid or grid. If you are using in the areas without or shortage of electricity, you can only select off-grid power systems; if it is convenient to use electricity, in order to save electricity costs, you can choose grid power generation systems. In addition, a small power system below 1000 watt can choose off-grid; If 2000W or more, you can consider using the grid approach.