Drink water instead!

Drug Classification

Alcohol is a depressant. A depressant slows the acivity of the nervous system down. These drugs are used to ease pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and cause an individual to sleep. Many of these drugs, espically alcohol, is a physical addicition. It tends to be more of a habit to have a drink in a persons hand, rather to enjoy the drink for it's purpose.

Physical Effects

Some physical effects of alcohol include a strain at work or school, lack of responisbilities, a decrease in personal relationships, etc. Long term health problems include damage to the brain, stomach, intestines, and heart. The liver is a big role when it comes to digesting alcohol. Too much can cause damage to the liver as well. Short term effects of alcohol inlcude the insistance of one needing a beverage, mood swings, loss of personal relatinships, etc.