A fun and exicting energy source!

Is Geothermal energy renewable?

Why, yes it is! You see, water is replenished by rainfall and the heat is continuously made deep within the Earth.

Where is Geothermal energy found on Earth?

Geothermal energy is found 4,000 miles below the Earth's surface in the core. The core has two layers, the hot magma outside, and the iron center. The magma comes close to the surface near the edges of tectonic plates. Volcanoes here erupt the lava and magma while deep below the surface, water and rocks absorb the heat! People then pump underground to get the heated water!

How does it work to produce energy?

Steam and hot water are pumped to the surface through a Production Well. They then go into a power plant where the steam and hot water move turbine blades. These blades then spin a shaft which then spins magnets, which are inside a large coil of wire. This produces electricity. Through the injection well the water and steam are then returned to the reservoir.

What are the uses for this energy?

Geothermal energy only produces about 1% of the United States energy. Geothermal energy does heat and cool houses, this is its main use. In Iceland, 90% of the homes and business there are heated and cooled by Geothermal energy!!!

Are there products created through the use of this energy source?

Geothermal energy provides heating and cooling to houses.

Who uses Geothermal energy?

Greenhouse use geothermal energy to warm the building so plants can grow. People also use it to heat and cool their homes and businesses.

What is the cost benefit to using this energy?

Some cost benefits to using this energy source is it is not to pricey!
Geothermal Heating

What are the advantages of Geothermal energy?

1. Renewable

2. No waste of by products

3. Not weather dependent

4. Geothermal plants don't take up much space

5. Geothermal plant maintenance is cheaper