How To Make A Business Presentation

By: Alexandra Consolino

Avoid Information Overload

When the audience is given too much information, it can be hard for them to remember. Take out anything that's additional and just give them the facts.

Practice Delivery

Practice the way you are going to give your presentation over and over until you feel comfortable. Also, be sure not to do anything distracting with your body movement.

Pick Powerful Props

A few small and simple props can be memorable for your audience to remember the points you made about the prop.

Minimize You

The audience doesn't care as much about you as they care about what you can offer them.

Speak the Language

Don't use terms the audience doesn't understand. To be on the safe side, always explain terms and acronyms.

Simple Slides

Don't be like everyone else, use slides in your presentation to highlight and emphasize key points.

Dig Deep

Find a relevant fact beyond the typical one. Give your audience the unexpected which will start discussion.

Avoid Fancy Fonts

Make sure the audience is able to read your presentation.

Entertain the Audience

Make sure the audience isn't falling asleep because of boredom. Make them excited to hear what you have to say.

Use Photos, Charts, and Graphs

Combining these three elements will heighten the audience's interest in your presentation.

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