Preschool Update

The school board approved a plan at its December school board meeting to start a four-year-old preschool program for up to two classrooms with a morning and an afternoon session of classes that will serve a total of 80 kids or up to 20 in each section.

At this time, we have 45 students registered for preschool. We can serve more! If you know of other families not currently enrolled, please have them contact Mr. Tibbetts, or Kris Koster in the elementary office. More information about preschool can be found here.

If this remains as the number of students enrolled, we will have two classes in the morning and one afternoon class. Though the district will only provide transportation to preschool in the morning, and home after the afternoon preschool, it does sound like the Methodist Church and University Kids will be providing transportation to and from daycare during the day.

Again, if you have any questions, please contact Mr. Tibbetts or Kris in the elementary office.

Mental Health Support

Continued efforts in building resources to grow the well-being of our students remain vital to the Van Meter district. Recently, we have added a school social work position to build awareness of potential student needs.

Children today are increasingly touched by social forces that can negatively affect their roles as students. Every family experiences transitions and changes throughout their child’s time as a student. Currently, the school social worker may assist with mental health concerns, behavioral concerns, skill-building, crisis intervention, positive behavioral support, academic, and classroom support, consultation with teachers, parents, and administrators as well as community resources. It is the goal of the district to continue furthering academic success by meeting the whole child’s needs.

A website to further describe the VM school social work role and some affiliate links for developing the well-being of our students is currently being constructed. Until then, you may find general feedback on school social work at the following website.


Feel free to reach Jayci Kuhns at jayci.kuhns@vmbulldogs.com if you have any questions or concerns regarding your student's success at Van Meter.

Reminder from the Nurse's Office

Hello, Bulldog Families -- The flu season is upon us and we do have a confirmed case of influenza at school. Common symptoms include fever, headache, fatigue, sore throat, and stomach symptoms among others. As always, the best defense is to wash hands often and cover coughs and sneezes. For more information, visit https://wiki.idph.iowa.gov/Portals/3/userfiles/79/Information%20on%20Other%20Diseases/Influenza%20Fact%20sheet%20For%20the%20home%20final.pdf

As a reminder, if your student has a fever or has vomited, they must remain home for 24 hours following the last episode of either, without the aid of medication (i.e. tylenol). Please continue to let me know of any contagious illnesses your student may experience.

Katie Hovda

Open Enrollment Guidelines

Managing open enrollment has been a topic of discussion for the Van Meter School Board of Directors for the last several years. Open enrollment was closed for all grades except kindergarten for the 19-20 school year.

The board will use similar guidelines for the 20-21 school year. We will have open enrollment slots in the kindergarten class for sure and we are allowing applications in other grade levels, but it is unlikely that those will be approved.

More information can be found at https://www.vmbulldogs.com/district/openenrollment.cfm

Let us know if you have any questions.

20-21 School Calendar

The 2020-2021 School Calendar has been approved by the school board. It is very similar to this year's school calendar. The first day of school will be Monday, August 24, Winter Break will be a little shorter, and the last day of classes is scheduled for Friday, May 21. The calendar is linked below.


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