Welcome Back Pittman Families

August 2, 2022

Be Kind * Be Safe * Be a Learner

A Letter From Mrs. Agnew

Dear Pittman Families,

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I write this letter as your Pittman principal!

This will be my 17th year in education. I taught 2nd and 3rd grade in Branson and Rogersville for a combined 10 years. Then, for 4 years I was the instructional coach at Pittman and this will be my 3rd year as the Pittman principal.

Personally, I am a wife and mother. I have three sons; Najem (11), Layth (10) and Jasim (7). They keep us busy with soccer, swimming and boy shenanigans. As a family, we enjoy playing board games, bike riding, and hiking. When I have free time, you will find me at an early morning workout, reading a good book, or cooking.

One of the most important aspects of my work here at Pittman is to continue building strong relationships with families, students, staff, and community members. You’ll find me in classrooms, hallways, and community activities. I am a leader who is passionate about providing a safe, loving, and academic-rich environment for ALL students.

For lots of other important information such as: dismissal, arrival, school supply lists, and more, check out our back-to-school digital newsletter at sps.org/pittman or on our FB page.

You can also follow us on our Facebook page for updates – Alice Pittman Elementary School

I look forward to working with you this year!

High Fives and Hugs,

Mrs. Agnew

Welcome New Staff & Staff Changes

This year we have some new faces in the building...please welcome...

Ms. Maggie Dickerson - School Community Liaison

Mr. Hayden Puckett - Teacher Intern

Ms. Liza Vazquez - Special Education Teacher

Ms. Phyllis Brixey - Music Teacher

Ms. Jane Bogue - Librarian

Ms. Elisa Schmidt - Library Aid

We also have some teachers who have changed positions:

Ms. Shayna MacDonald - Art

School Community Liaison

I wanted to take a moment to introduce Ms. Maggie Dickerson. Ms. Dickerson was a kindergarten teacher at Pittman previously and now has returned to be our School Community Liaison. Ms. Dickerson will be working closely with families this upcoming year. Below are the areas she will be overseeing. She truly believes in the power that connecting parents to our school has on student achievement.

Behavior Support:

Ms. Dickerson will work with students who need extra intervention in the area of behavior and she will support Ms. Agnew with discipline concerns.

Attendance Support:

Ms. Dickerson will support families where attendance is a concern. She will be working with these families to establish resources and routines to best help families.

Parent and Community Engagement:

Ms. Dickerson has already been hard at work this summer connecting our community partnerships to the needs of our school. She will also coordinate parent events and attend PTA meetings to hear parent feedback.


August 18th- Meet the Teacher - *See flyer and info. below

August 22nd- First Day of School! Parents are welcome to walk their students in on the first day of school. Doors open at 7:40. Those that arrive between 7:40-7:55 will need to stay in the gym to wait, as teachers welcome students in classrooms at 7:55. From 7:55-8:10 families can walk their student straight to their classroom. When the bell rings at 8:10, families will need to exit so students can start learning about their classroom. After the first day, we ask that all students walk themselves to class.

Kindergarten parents, Door #6 from 7:55-8:10, this is a great option, as our Kindergarten classrooms are directly in that door. Door #6 is accessible from our east parking lot. It is the door closest to the playground.


September 2nd- We will have an all-school, all-drill walk- through. This means we will practice our lock-down, storm drill, and fire drill on the same day for teaching purposes. We notify parents to allow for preparation of loud noise and to reduce any fear or anxiety.

September 5th- NO SCHOOL

September 13th- SPS University at PITTMAN. This is an evening event YOU DO NOT want to miss. SAVE THIS DATE!

October 10th - Fall Picture day. We will take both individual and group photos at this time. There will be no spring picture day this year.

Mark Your Calendars - Back to School Events

The below flyer is headed to your mailbox! Make sure you are following us on our facebook page and have our website sps.org/pittman bookmarked. We will post details here when they become available.
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Meet the Teacher

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School Supply Lists

Here our School Supply List for the 22-23 school year. You can also find it on our webpage at sps.org/pittman or on our Facebook Page

We have tons of backpacks at school and are happy to provide them to your family. Come grab one at Meet the Teacher on August 18th.

School Breakfast & Lunch

The government program that paid for students to eat lunch has expired. This year all students will be charged for lunch. At Pittman we have a program called Breakfast in the Classroom. This program provides free breakfast for all students who want to eat.

Lunch Prices:

Lunch: Full: $2.95 Reduced: $0.40

As part of the back to school paperwork, ALL families (regardless of financial status) will complete the Free and Reduced Meal Application. You can get started with yours HERE. You only need to fill out one form per family.

Meal Payment

Cash/Check: You can send in meal payments in an envelope, labeled with your student's name, in their red folder.

Online Payment: You can pay online HERE.

Lunch Menus

The lunch menu link will be included in my weekly newsletter. You can find it HERE.

Arrival Procedures

1. Students should not be dropped off at the front doors before 7:40 am to avoid a gathering of unsupervised students.

Door #1 will open at 7:40. Any student who arrives from 7:40-7:55 will sit quietly in the gym.

Door #6 will open at 7:55 and is for our K-2 students (and any siblings), with easy access to their classrooms.

Door #6. You access this door by the east parking lot. Please drive all the way down to the door, where staff members safely get students from their car.

Door #1, our main entrance. This door is accessed by our circle drive.

2. The tardy bell rings at 8:10. - Door #6 locks at 8:10. All students now must enter through Door #1.

3. Breakfast ends at 8:15

**Going to be late or absent? Call the office (417-523-4700), message Ms. Gwen on Dojo, or email gethomas@spsmail.org by 8:10 .

If your student arrives after 8:25, please walk them into the building to sign them in.

Click HERE for an Arrival Map

Riding a Bike: With permission, students in grades 3-5 are allowed to ride their bikes to school without an adult. Please wear helmets. Bike riders must walk bikes on/off school grounds and have a way to lock their bikes to the racks. Scooters, skates, or skateboards are not allowed on school property. Due to safety concerns, students in grade K-2 are not allowed to ride their bikes to school without an adult present.

Walkers: Should cross only at the crosswalks and use Door #1

Car Riders: Students should remain in cars until the door opens at 7:40 (or 7:55, if using Door #6). Please do not let your student out of the car until a staff member is present.

Dismissal Procedures

Walkers - A walker is a student or students who walks all the way home with or without an adult.

Someone who parks in the parking lot and walks to their car is not considered a walker. Please use the car line.

Walkers exit the building out door #1 or #6 depending on which direction they walk. Door #1 if they cross Bennett or walk along Bennett; Door #6 if they walk toward the neighborhood area behind Pittman. Please make sure your child knows where to exit. Students are responsible for leaving school property and heading straight to their destination.

Walkers are dismissed at 3:05

Car Riders

3-5 students are dismissed out door #1 to the circle drive, unless they have a K-2 sibling.

K-2 students (and any 3-5 siblings) are dismissed out door #6 on the east side of the building. There are two lanes, please stay in your lane and stay in your car.

Car Riders are dismissed at 3:10

Click HERE for a Dismissal Map

Please help us make car lines go smoothly AND keep it safe:

1. Always display your car tag. Please pick one of these up at our Meet the Teacher event.

2. Always stay in your car. Staff members will load students into cars. If your student still struggles to buckle themselves, please pull over into the parking lot to help them.

3. At the East Parking Lot pickup, we load 8 cars at a time then the line will move. Please keep your car in park until the line moves.

4. Please be patient.

After School Care

At Pittman, we have 3 options for After School Care and 2 for before school options:

1. Y Academy (formerly Primetime): through the YMCA and on-site. For enrollment and pricing information check out the SHINE program HERE. Scholarships are available for families with free/reduced lunch status. This program runs from 6:30am - 6:30pm

2. Boys and Girls Club: off-site but they provide transportation only for AFTER SCHOOL. For enrollment and pricing information check out the SHINE program HERE. Scholarships are available for families with free/reduced lunch status. This program runs from after school - 7:30pm

3. East Grand: offsite, but they provide transportation to and from school. You can sign up through our SHINE program HERE for after school care or by emailing Stephanie Brown at eastgrandcommunityservices@gmail.com for before school care. Scholarships are available for families with free/reduced lunch status (this will not apply to before school care unfortunately). This program runs from 6:30am - 6:00pm

East Grand Pricing:

$80/ month for before care (regardless of Free and Reduced Lunch status)

$120/month for after care

$200/month for both

Safety Reminders

Front Door:

Students, parents and patrons need to ENTER THE SCHOOL THROUGH THE DESIGNATED FRONT DOOR by the office (door #1) once school has started. All other outside doors will remain locked, including the door adjacent to the cafeteria. Please enter through the door that has the red #1 sticker on it. Push the buzzer outside of the secretary's office to alert the secretary. Have your ID ready.


We want Pittman school to be a safe and healthy place for kids. Therefore, pets are not to be brought to the Pittman Elementary campus and that includes bringing cats/dogs to the school at dismissal. We have students and staff who are allergic to pet dander. Also, in an attempt to model healthy living, the board of education has adopted new health guidelines. Students may not bring food items on their birthday to share with classmates. Only non-food items may be brought to celebrate.


At Pittman we focus on ways to Be Kind, Be Safe and Be a Learner. At Pittman we call these three focus areas “The Pittman Way”. At school, students will learn the expectations of their behavior in the hallways, lunch, recess, and more. Teachers and students will engage in activities to practice these expectations. Teachers will give out eagle points when students are caught following the expectations. You will see these points on your child’s Class Dojo account. Every other week students will be able to buy things with their eagle points at our Nourishing Nest store.

Below is our Pittman PBIS Behavior Matrix. PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions & Supports. This Matrix helps clearly define our expectations and allows us to systematically teach these expectations and procedures throughout the building. You will read more about our matrix in the Pittman Press this year.

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School Devices:

Kindergarten students will have iPads and 1st-5th graders who don't currently have a Chromebook will be given a Chromebook this year.

Students will not be bringing home their devices this year.

On the above PBIS matrix, you will see our expectations for Digital Citizenship. Students are responsible for their devices and their online behavior while at school.

Devices from Home:

All electronic devices, such as, but not limited to, cellular phones, pagers, PDAs, headphones, iPods/MP3 players may be in the student’s possession as long as they are on silent and in the student's backpack. If a student is found with their device during school, the teacher will ask that the device be put back in the backpack for the first offense. During a second offense, the teacher will safely store the device until the end of day. The School District will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


My goal is to provide clear and consistent communication. I will send out the Pittman Press each week on last day of the week. Included in the Press will be information that will help the school year run smoothly. It will be sent out on Class Dojo, posted on Facebook, and sent out in a text. If you need to receive a paper copy of the Pittman Press, please contact your child’s teacher.

Please make sure to call the office when you have an email, phone number, or address change. I will be using a text/email system called Blackboard Connect. This year, you will need to receive timely updates. Please make sure your contact information is up-to-date and that you are signed up to receive these texts. Here are the directions on how to do that.

If at anytime a problem should arise, please contact your child’s teacher first. Teachers will communicate with parents via Class Dojo, phone, and email.

Feel free to contact me or the office through Dojo, phone or email.


Mrs. Agnew Email—mragnew@spsmail.org

Ms. Gwen (school secretary) Email - gethomas@spsmail.org

The office is open from 7:30-3:30 each day.

Make Sure to Follow Us!

**Mrs. Agnew answers emails and dojo messages from 6:30am-4pm as quickly as possible.** Other hours are reserved for family time and rest. I appreciate your understanding.


This year the PTA will be selling Pittman t-shirts through THIS website. Deadline to order is September 12th.

Check out PTA's table at Meet the Teacher to join the PTA and get a sweet treat!

This year's officers are:

President: Maggie Cornell

Vice President: Courtney Goings

Secretary: Brandy Mahan

Treasurer: Cicely Kimball

Have questions about PTA? email them at pittmanptarocks@gmail.com

Attendance & Transfer Students


Our goal is for your student's attendance rate to be 95% or higher. Our building goal is to have our attendance rate 95% or higher at all times. We understand that things come up, but please make every effort to have students to school on time. With an early dismissal time, please try to make appointments after 3:10. In order for you student to be most successful, they need to be at school. Please let us know how we can help!

When your student does have to be absent, call Ms. Gwen in the office before 8:10am each day your student is absent to let us know why they are not present at school.

Transfer Policy:

If you are at Pittman on a transfer, please remember that in order to stay on transfer, your student needs to:

*Keep their attendance rate higher that 90%

*Have no more than 3 discipline referrals that result in ISS or OSS

In the event that either of these actions occur, you will be issued a warning letter to keep you informed of the situation. Transfer is a privilege and we want to hold ALL students to high expectations.

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