Texas Wild Rice

David Yeakey

Background information

The Zizania Texana, or commonly known as the Texas Wild Rice, is an aquatic plant that is endemic only to Texas. It can be found only in certain parts of the San Marcos river, located in central Texas. Sense the plant only grows in areas of clear, spring fed waters, the plant has not been able to expand to other areas. The leaves of the Wild Rice can grow up to 45 inches long, and up to 1 inch in diameter. The area where the plant lives is known to be very intriguing.
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Endangerment and ways to prevent it.

The Texas Wild Rice is a very habitat selective species. there are very few places that it can thrive. Because of this, they are secluded to one area that provides for their needs. Over time, their habitat in the San Marcos river has experienced degradation which caused them to be put on the endangered list in July 1978.

In order to prevent further endangerment or possible extinction, a few things can be done. First the people in the area have been notified of the danger the Wild Rice faces so they don't accidentally disturb their habitat. Also, implementing less water consumption has helped the plant keep its home intact.

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