School Issues

What Do Teachers Think About Homework?

It's Helpful Homework or Useless

Students and parents have complained about homework, but what do teachers think? "I believe in homework because it serves as an opportunity for the student to display his or her understanding of the day's lessons without direct help from the teacher." Teachers say homework helps with the learning and thinking process, although most do agree that homework needs to be helpful, or it's useless.

Teachers Don't Like Homework?

One teacher said, “I’m not even looking at it to grade it, to see if the answers are correct- it’s like Did they get it done? They got it done, I'm giving them points.” Yes, a few teachers don't even like homework! They think that work should be taught in school, and that lots of homework stresses students.

Here's a Survey

We took a survey on what teachers think about homework. Here are the results.

Homework is Useful-2

Some Types of Homework is Useful-2

Homework is a Waste of Time-1

With this survey, we conclude that teachers believe that most teachers think that homework is useful to students, if it's the right kind of homework.