Government: Who Needs It?

What is the purpose of a government?

Three Branches of the Government & Their Purpose

Judicial- for the Supreme Court

Legislative- run by Congress

Executive- for the President

A Short Primer on the structure of the U-S Government

Responsibilities of an American Citizen

-Paying taxes


-Obey Laws

-Jury Duty

-Being Informed

Our responsibilities as American citizen's are that we have to keep our families safe, pay taxes, obey laws, and help our fellow Americans.

What do you think about burning of the flag and the refusal to pledge to the flag? Interview three people over 21 and ask their opinion and share in your presentation.

“I would never do either of those things simply because I know the sacrifice that multiple people made for us to have the liberty of this country. Yet I understand why people do that kind of thing.”- Annie Edwards.

“It should be illegal to burn flags because it shows disrespect and it can be seen as in sighting a riot because some people feel so strongly against burning the flag. The pledge of allegiance instils in our children and adults loyalty to their own country, and people need to support their own countries.”-David Gibson

“I think the burning of the flag is anti-American, and it promotes discord and chaos amongst the citizens. I am against the idea of refusing the pledge of allegiance because it’s disrespectful for all of the soldiers that fought and died for our freedom.”-Jana Gibson

“No free man shall be seized or imprisoned, or stripped of his rights or possessions"

Why The Government Is Needed

A government is needed to keep the peace and protect the rights of citizens. Without a government, there would be no order. Ultimately there would be no United States because everything would fall apart due to the lack of control.

The Current President

Our current president is Barack Obama. He is the first African American to become president.

Top Three Candidates Running For President

Donald Trump

Wants to build a wall keeping illegal immigrants out of America.

Hilary Clinton

Feels abortion should be legal, and that the unborn child has no rights.

Bernie Sanders

Wants to make tuition free at public colleges and universities