By : Denny Cordero


- Capital of Canada is Ottawa

- In 2013 the population of Canada was 35.16 million

- In Canada about 7.3 million of Canadians ( that's 22% of the Canadian population) speak French

- Canada is located in North America

- The people from Canada are reffered to as Canadians

- The motto of Canada is in Latin a mari usque ad mare (From sea to sea), a part of Psalm 72:8. This phrase was suggested by Joseph Pope, then-Under Secretary of State, when the Arms were redesigned in 1921.

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- Canada's national animal is the Beaver

Some of the main tourist attractions to see in Canada are :
- Niagra Falls

-Banff National park

- Canadas Wonderland

- Ontario art gallery

- Toronto zoo

-and much more !!!

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