Alysons Study Guide

Do you understand these words and definitions?

A-Personificatiion- Having human like 'qualities

B-Simile- Comparison using "like or as"

C-Metaphor-A comparison using "like or as"

D- Hyperbole -Exaggerating the truth

E-Theme -The moral the character

How is literary non fiction different then regular non fiction?

Literary Non-Fiction is different from regular non-fiction because........ Literary non-fiction talks about someone's life story.Non fiction talks about facts.

What are the differences in literary non fiction?

some are written about a person and that story.some are written about someone but

that didn't write the story themselves.

Let's chat about the plot elements in fiction.

the plot elements in fiction are,rising action,falling action,cause,conflict,climax, theme, resolution.B=How does the point of view affect the story?It gives the reader more information about the characters and the important parts of the story.

Let's talk about tools of reading

A-What is inference?inference is making a guess about the future of the story.How do you infer things?