History of Still Photography

Michelle Pacansky-Brock --- Mt. San Jacinto College

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Welcome to the History of Still Photography

About this site

This is a fully online class with a unique learning environment. This information is provided to acquaint prospective students with the the types of activities in which you will participate to ensure this class is a good fit for you. Please take time to review all the information below...you just might enjoy it. :)

Course description

The History of Still Photography offers a comprehensive exploration of the historical progression of fixing a still image, that is to say writing with light. This course starts in ancient times with naturally occurring images, and moves through advances in optics and chemical processes. It then moves through the prolific period of traditional Black and White photography and then covers the birth and advancements of the digital light sensor and its possibilities for the future.

What to expect if you enroll in this class.

Hello, students. Hopefully, you can tell from the video above that I am passionate about the History of Photography and love to teach online! If you enroll in my online class, you will have activities that will engage you as active participants and learners in this class.

All of us will step into our class as individuals who are eager to understand more about photography's evolution as a communication and art medium. This will be done through a series of inquiries that will ask each of you to share experiences and images from your own lives, discuss images that may make you feel a little uncomfortable at times, and start to dig deeper beyond the surface of a photographic image to reveal the complex roots they have in your life and personal identity.

To make this type of deep learning happen, you will participate in some unique activities. For example, you will use VoiceThread, a tool that allows us to have conversations using voice (yes, you will speak and hear each other in this class!), for group activities. You will also write creative blog posts that will have you play the role of historical figures who lived in the 19th century when photography was emerging.

This class is highly participatory. The first few weeks will feel very different. But after that, my past students have demonstrated that it is a very rewarding experience. Don't believe me? Click here to listen to their advice on my Wisdom Wall (which also shows you an example of VoiceThread).

Looking forward to learning with you. :)

Michelle Pacansky-Brock

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