Paige Davidson

How It Started

  • PetSmart started as a partnership with Jim and Janice Dougherty.
  • The good thing about this is they always shared benefits and losses.
  • They also would make group decisions on what is best for their new company.

A Couple Facts

  • Believe it or not PetSmart was originally called Pet Food Warehouse in 1987 in Arizona.
  • PetSmart didn't get its name till 1989 and that's when they opened their first grooming salon.
  • in 2011 they started moving to other countries such as Puerto Rico.
  • In 2007 they opened their 1,000th store in America, now in 2015 they are up to 1,145.

Would I Invest?

I think i would invest in this company because it has grown a lot within the past couple years and it doesn't seem like it will go anywhere anytime soon.