Kristy Fernandez


Carbohydrates are a group of chemical compounds in a ring shape that contain carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. There are three types: Monosacharrides, Disacharrides, and Polyscharrides.


  • Primary source of energy
  • Energy storage
  • Used to build cell wals


Monoscharrides contain only one unit of carbohydrates, this includes Glucose, Fructose and Galactose which are found in different foods.


Disaccharides are more complex since they have two monosaccharides bonded together. The two most known disaccharides are sucrose, found in table sugar, and lactose ,found in the milk.


Polysaccharides are made up many monosaccharides and are often highly complex chains of long molecules. Two examples are starch found in plants and glycogen found in animals.

Carb Diet

Comes in sugars, many fruits and vegetables, wheat, certain meats.