Instructional Coach Weekly Update

Week of October 3-7

Strategy Spotlight

I found the LCI (Leadership for Continuous Improvement) training on Friday to be very applicable and timely. My biggest take away from the training was the "Gradual Release of Responsibility Instructional Framework" (Frey and Fisher, 2011) that was presented (see image below). Here's a short explanation from Frey and Fisher's book, Formative Assessment Action Plan:

A formative assessment system is only as good as the instructional framework on which it rests. No formative assessment system can compensate for poor instruction. Neither does simply having an instructional framework ensure that students will learn; both a framework and a system are required.

The model has five components (which we spent most of the day being trained on):

  1. Establishing a Purpose (always happens at the beginning)

The next four steps can happen in any order during a lesson:

  1. Teacher Modeling
  2. Guided Instruction
  3. Productive Group Work
  4. Independent Tasks

What was most eye opening to me was that Doug Fisher explained that all five components should happen during each lesson you teach throughout the day! I hope to bring more details of this model to future grade level team planning sessions and staff meetings.

Big image

Entering Time Reminders

Some things to remember about entering time:

  • If you aren't going to enter time daily, keep notes each day so you can remember who was present each day during intervention.
  • Enter time at least once a week at the very least.
  • All time must be up to date before an intervention is changed.
  • If we don't have school use the code "no school"
  • If we have school but a student is absent that day use the code "absent"
  • If we have school and the student is present that day, but misses intervention for any reason then enter "0" for the number of minutes that day (or however many minutes they did attend intervention)

This Week

  • 5th Grade ELA team planning
  • 12:30-2 LCI Pre/Post Meeting @ Primary
  • Work on standards books
  • Work with staff
  • Check in with teachers on interventions


  • Modeling two summary lessons
  • 5th Grade Team Planning
  • 3rd Grade Team Planning
  • Work on standards books
  • Work with staff
  • Check in with teachers on interventions


  • Data team meeting
  • 11:30 Meeting with Jennifer B.
  • Social Thinking planning meeting
  • Work with staff
  • Work on standards books
  • Check in with teachers on interventions


  • Fourth grade team planning
  • Work with staff
  • Work on standards books
  • PTC


  • Full day PD - Differentiated Accountability training (taking the place of DE site visits)

Because we all know this feeling...

Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)
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