The Solution to Air Pollution Is Us

By: Brandon Gerhardt

"Air pollution can't possibly hurt us, though..." Yes it can, you silly goose!

There is a chemical in Earth's atmosphere called ozone. It protects us when it's up in the sky, but when it's near the ground it can be very dangerous. Ozone at the ground level is made when certain chemicals react to each other and sunlight. Things like fuel exhaust and factories and main causes of this problem. Anybody can get health problems from the ozone, but it is most likely to happen in children, elderly, and people with lung conditions such as asthma. People with asthma must be extra careful when and where they go outside. Air pollution is the worst when there is no wind as the particles can build up in the still air. It gets even worse on hot summer days near busy roads.

"Well, where is this air pollution?" Well, I'll tell ya!

More than half of North Carolina's residents live in counties where ozone levels sometimes reach unhealthy levels, according to the N.C. Department of Environment and Natural Resources. In addition, Peden said that a study of southern California children suggested that long-term, chronic exposure to ozone may affect lung development. Baed on what Peden said, we know that air pollution is a national issue, even a international issue.

"So, how are we the solution to air pollution?" Let me explain a few things.

There are a large variety of ways to cut down on the amount of pollution in our air. Basic things include having proper car maintenance, but more importantly not using a car whenever possible. You could also plant trees that lose their leaves to give shade in summer and give light in the winter. For electricity you could buy from places that don't produce pollution, and even use solar lighting.